What to know when ordering a disposal bin.

Thinking of ordering a disposal bin for your garbage needs? Whether you’re a home owner or a contractor looking to get rid of waste such as clutter, construction debris, concrete or dirt, the size of the container you will need may vary. When you call to place an order for your roll-off bin, make sure to tell us what you will be placing in it and where you want it to be placed. This way, we can recommend the appropriate sized bin, instruct our driver where to drop the container, thus saving you time and money. Contractors and homeowners need to be aware that mixing garbage can be extremely costly therefore waste such as blocks, concrete, bricks, asphalt and dirt should always be separate. For homeowners bins are usually placed on the driveways so it is advisable to make sure that there are some pieces of plywood where the bin can sit on to avoid any damage to the asphalt or interlocking. Also, make sure there are no vehicles in or around the bin at time of drop off or pick up. Lastly, plan wisely. Don’t order a disposal bin too early otherwise you’ll end up being charged more for keeping it longer than you have to.