Products & Services

Dump Trucks

 MJ Disposal & Haulage has a large fleet of tri-axle dump trucks available and are operated by highly experienced and professional drivers. Our trucks are sent to demoliton sites, road work construction, gravel, top soil deliveries, snow removal etc.

We specialize in 14, 20, 30, and 40 rubbish removal Bins, where any size fits all, to the customers need.  With Environmentally Sustainable Green-minded rubbish removal.

We are able to remove all types of material.  From renovations to demolition. Environmentally sustainable green-minded rubbish removal.  We service all areas and neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area.

Disposal Bins/Containers

 MJ Disposal & Haulage has a variety of sizes of Disposal Bin Service in Ontario in order to meet all your disposal needs. Our bins are supplied to all types of job sites and homes who need to dispose of various waste.

With unbeatable prices and ready-to-go service, we provide bins with numerous sizes ranging from 14 to 40 yard sized bins.

Following is a list of some of the common types of bin usage:

-Home Renovations including dirt removal and concrete
-Moving out or Moving in clean-up
-Garbage that cannot be accepted by weekly garbage pick-up
-Regular Everyday Garbage

Contractors/Roofers/Professional Renovators & Builders:

-concrete products
-dry wall
-demolition debris
-wood, etc.

Gravel & Top Soil Delivery:

Top soil and all types of gravel is also available for delivery to your job site/house at your request.

Flat Bed Services:

Small machines and equipment can be moved at your request for an hourly float fee.